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How to remove stock speed of GL704GW cpu and to remove ferp. limiter of gpu

Level 7
Dear ROG users. My laptop model is GL704GW. I got this to authorized repair shop last december 2019 because of over heating like playing yotuu0be be like 57 c and playing doom 2016 be like 87-90 in cpu. I already put that fan speed to max 6500rpm in manual mode in cpu and gpu. After that more problem occur. The repairman said he replace the mother board. That's his solution to overheating or thermal throttling. When power it up for the first tie after the repair, I initially notice the boot speed are slow then I open the task manger I the speed in 0.790ghz cpu. I thought may be because Im the machine is under power saving and im not running a heaving program so it will stay like that. When I got home I try playing triple AAA title games, then I notice the speed stay the same and sometime flicked to 3ghz for 1 sec then back to 0.790mhz so I'm loosing FPS like 24 FPS in rise of the tomb raider, Doom 2016 18FPS etc. So how can I restore it back to it's base speed 2.2ghz and up of cpu? How to remove stock speed of cpu and how to remove performance limiter of gpu.?