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How to Install w7 on kaby Lake Intel 7700K on Asus Rog G752VS?

Level 7
Hi guys I'm newbie here.
I've recently bought Asus ROG G752VS, with Kaby Lake Intel 7700K?
with NVMe SSD Samsung 256
and SATA drive 1Tb.
I have issues to install window 7.
I tried number of attempt even created USB Pen drive using the Windows DVD Installing Tool.
I used even Rufus to create the Pendrive,
What happend iis this.
the istalling wend ok but when the Laptop tryed to reboot and load windows i'm getting Blue screen
saying Your Bios is not compatible for the ACTS, something like that?
What is the best method for installing windows 7 on ASUS ROG?
Does the Drive has to be converted from MBR to GPT?
how to i change the configuration settings from UEFI.
I've used this guide and no success
I even created an ISO file from my original DVD of W7 Ultimate, i tried to directly install win7 from the DVD with 10 running.
this the massage i was getting
Windows cannot be installed to this disk the selected disk is of the GPT partition style.
my last method i applied from this guide i installed win 7 but after reboot i got the blue screen as i mentioned at the top of my comment.
I need proper direction and guides please and it will be thanks in advance.

Level 7

Level 14
This tutorial will be helpful. Use you will need to have a version of Windows 7 SP! and use you will have to install it UEFI GPT. All this can be done. your next issue will be drivers for your notebook that will work on windows 7 That will be the real challenge

You should probably change your UEFI setting for SATA to UEFI. otherwise, you'll have to install an RST driver to be able to see your SSD to install too. I am still not convinced that Windows 7 will run on a M.2 NVME SSD not that anything is impossible, but what you have to go through to accomplish it is it worth it? I couldn't possibly think so while win 7 was a great 6 years ago times have changed technology has changed. You have purchased a modern very high tech notebook why cripple it with an ancient OS.
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