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How to increase screen quality on G46VW?

Level 7
I recently bought a G46VW and I love it. One of the few things I dislike about it is that the screen quality is really bad. The screen isn't vibrant at all. It is very dull. There isn't much color and it doesn't feel HD.

I was wondering if there is any way to make the screen more vibrant/HD, increase the quality.

I am not using a monitor just the laptop screen.

Thank you.

Level 7
You have to remember the screen is comparable to a 720p matte screen so it's not the best you can get. Also the matte is different than the glossy so its not going to be vibrant, just bright.

I'd suggest:
1) Make sure the resolution is 1366x768
2) Change the colors using the ASUS Splendid utility to your liking (if installed, fn+C)
3) Change out the screen to a comparable 1080p matte screen (can get one from here:; they may make a glossy one but I think it would throw off the overall matte design of the laptop, just my opinion)

Good luck
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I bought a G46 a couple days ago myself, and although I may be spoiled by Asus's own PB278Q with my desktop rig, I find the panel in the G46 to be absolutely intolerable. It looks more like a sub $300 budget notebook panel, and it probably is. To aid with that and of course the equally insufferable and noisy 5400 RPM HDD, I will be cracking my laptop open and replacing it with the 1600x900 panel and a Crucial M4 mSATA.

I had been lurking for a bit and seen success with the mSATA, but nothing so far on specifically replacing the panel. I will post my results/guide, etc. afterwards to help others, just as was done for the mSATA swap. $100 for that screen, if it is of decent color gamut, should be well worth the money, effort, and risk.

Well, I hope 😉

Level 7
You can always hook-up an HDMI cord to your hdtv and it will show up on your TV at 1080p. The original posters revolution stock resolution is prob 768p so the HDTV will show up on the tv at 720p. It really is nice. Like I stated previously, I play FSX on the 50in via HDMI and its so sharp. I'm still using using a Sony projection TV that looks as clear as when i bought it new so in no hurry... I'm def buying one this year after playing my game on it. i'd never use the laptop screen unless im on the plan or hotel... 😉

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You know on my g75 it has a matt screen that is kind of dull but since you cant get great vibrancy out of it I went in to my NVidia control panel settings and changed the vibrancy to 80% and the hue to 359 and it made a difference on the way the colors look to me it made it more vibrant and now I am satisfied with it I know its not the best but its a lot better than before I adjusted it try it and see what you think it made my colors more vibrant
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Personally, utilizing an external monitor is not a solution because I have 2 desktop gaming rigs already for that, this laptop is exclusively for travel (and if I wanted to use a laptop at home for some reason as a desktop replacement, perhaps living in a dorm or something, I would have bought a G75 or similar!).

So I ordered the replacement 1600x900 screen from HIDevolution, it arrived in two days (!) from California to my home in New Jersey, packaged well. I was installing an mSATA anyway, so I changed out the lcd once the entire screen assembly was removed. It was a nice and easy install - remove the four corner rubber pads, and the screws underneath. Pry around the edges slowly and carefully with some sort of chisel (credit card works). Unscrew the 4 silver retaining screws, fold lcd forward, peel tape off the back and remove the connector. Assemble in reverse. Windows 8 seems to have trouble sometimes with new screen being installed, you may have to uninstall/reinstall video drivers for it to recognize. At first I was worried because the ROG boot up logo was artifacting like crazy, but it was a driver issue and easily resolved.

As for quality, I do have one dead pixel on the new lcd but it is not too noticeable due to the excellent pixel pitch at this screen size. It is the same ugly, grainy matte coating as the x768 panel. As much I love the look of glossy panels, again considering the practicality of travel -- which is what a laptop was really supposed to be for -- matte screens are a solid choice because you can't control your viewing environment so easily. I do wish it looked a little less like a$$ but what can you do. The color gamut -- it's hard to say if the panel is of an overall better quality because I spent so little time with the original, but the color and response seem possibly a bit better, maybe slightly superior brightness levels but nothing that blows the lower res panel away. One thing is for sure however....1366x768 is a little too low for a laptop this size circa 2013 (many phones offer superior res), 1600x900 feels just right and just general Windows and internet browsing feels much better. There isn't much off a performance hit in games either and I do swear that the motion blur is a little less intense with this panel in addition to the sharper image. For the low price they are offering, I think it's a worthy upgrade.

On the other hand, getting Windows 8 over to the mSATA and making it recognizable as a boot drive? That was a nightmare, lol. But the performance difference is insanely dramatic...before it literally ran Windows tasks slower than my crappy work computer with 2 GB of DDR2 ram, now its on par with my 4.8ghz i5 rig with 2 Corsair Force GT's....just a night and day difference. The 5400 Seagate drive that comes in some of these G46's (like from Best Buy) is absolutely crippling its performance even more than I realized. I know it's not so much Asus's fault as that's what the big box stores wanted to sell to shave cost.

All in all, I am absolutely ecstatic with the G46 now that the two major oversights are corrected!