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How to do a clean install on a g75vw? windows 7

Level 7
So my laptop came with a win 7 home premium and the SSD was damaged and I need to replace it, unfortunately I did not made a recovery disc before, I want to reinstall and make a clean install on my laptop but a lot of the links to request or purchase a recovery media are no longer available, some of the iso files from Windows 7 Home Premium are not available anymore.

So, whats next?

Any tip is really appreciated!


Level 14
You can get your Install ISO here, most likely Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed UEFI

Be sure to download all your hardware drivers from Asus Support Downloads, Chipset, IRST, IME, ATK WIFI, LAN Audio,Video have these ready to install once Windows is installed. I usually turn off windows update until you have at least the Chipset IRST IME drivers installed I find it easier to install the latest drivers before windows update then as you allow windows update to run hide any hardware drivers they throw at you.

Here is a link to a tutorial from the windows 7 forum on installing Window 7 UEFI
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