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How to disable/uninstall Asus InstantOn?

Level 7
Every time I turn on my computer, a tooltip says "When placed in a deep sleep, some USB ports may not function," or something along those lines. Which leads me to believe that my computer isn't "shutting down," but rather just going into sleep mode. I'm trying to disable or uninstall it because if that is the case, it's annoying me. My computer has updates available, but "Shut Down" doesn't give me the option to "Update and Shut Down," only "Update and Restart." Is this because Shut Down is really just replaced with Sleep?

Level 9
Windows 8(.1) employs a hybrid shut down that's a cross between hibernate and shut down. It may have something to do with that. Sleep is not the same, though. Sleep puts the system in a low power saving state, but doesn't end your current Windows user session(s).

The updates aren't applied until after a restart, anyway.

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Level 7
I see, well it's a relief to know that it's not Asus Instant on that may be causing the problem. I guess I should look into the WIndows function. Thanks!