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How to disable G731GU "w" lock function

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I've accidentally activated this mode, but I'm not exactly sure how, I know it had something to the key I circled though. I fixed the issue by restarting my pc, but I want to know how this is toggled so I can avoid activating it in the future. Also if there was a way to disable this function, please let me know 🙂84291

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Welcome to the forums!

Which model do you have?

If you check the G531GW user manual p37 at the link below, it mentions FN + (Windows logo key) "Enables or disables the Windows key lock", so expect it will do something similar for your notebook.

If you or anybody else are wondering about some Windows logo key shortcuts, check the Microsoft support page below under the "Windows Logo key keyboard shortcuts" section which includes some of my favorites including Windows logo key + L to lock your PC and Windows logo key + S to search to check if I'm right about this or not.

I have the G731GU model. I don't think it's the windows lock because when it happens all the keys stop responding/ do their windows function when pressed ( w for whiteboard and snips, q and s for search (some I've noticed)), and fn + Windows key does nothing. When I restarted and tried fn + Windows key, this did not happen happen and it worked as it should.

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Uninstall 'Asus Keyboard Lock' from your Programs List.