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How to confirm if my G75VW came with Thunderbolt?

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I have a G75VW I no longer recall what the other information is on it and I no longer have the box, the sticker is no longer on the palm rest and no where on the system does it indicate anything extra (that I can see)

Laptop works just fine and when I bought it, it was advertised to have thunderbolt (g1 if I recall correctly). Going through older posts on this board people were saying that it does not have thunderbolt, some going on to say how it's only display port and how thunderbolt has a lightning logo.

Well I've never bothered to use mine (but I might soon) and mine very clearly and very undeniably without possibility of error on my part; has a blatantly obvious thunderbolt logo etched clearly into the side of the system. I must stress; it is very clearly a thunderbolt logo.

How do I confirm on my system if thunderbolt (of any kind) is actually supported. I'm not asking for a debate on whether or not it has thunderbolt. I won't participate and I would encourage others not to waste their time. How do I on the system, with my own hands, confirm whether or not that port supports thunderbolt, or confirm if that logo is etched into the casing in error?

I'm going to be getting a new PC soon, and I'll be re-purposing this one. I'm going to go the eGPU route. I already know how to do it; if the system supports thunderbolt as was advertised, and as is etched into the port label, then I will go that route, if not, then I will open it up and go the mPCIE route. Either way it's going to happen. All I need to do is confirm whether or not the system actually supports a thunderbolt connection of any time and I need to be able to confirm it 100% on my end.

It probably seems strange that I'm asking such a basic question with such... tenacity? However after reviewing the forums here. I've found that the people here got into some strange epic debate about it (constructive and cordial, but quite drawn out.) I'm not looking to debate. I'm looking to confirm. The port label is one confirmation, but again, as I've never used it, I don't know and I don't want to go and buy a random thunderbolt device I'll never use to test it. So Im' looking for what item or location within the OS will provided 100% confirmation.

I also did a google search, however as SEO over the years has made google less reliable when I search for things such as 'confirm my pc has thunderbolt' or similar, I instead find sales pages or technical information on thunderbolt 3.

So TL:DR: My laptop (G75VW) was advertised to have Thunderbolt (G1) the display/thunderbolt port has a thunderbolt logo on it, this is undeniable, it is there, it is a thunderbolt logo, it cannot be mistaken for any other logo. I have never used this port for anything at all. How, on my system within the OS, the bios , or any other onboard method (or 3rd party software if necessary) can I confirm without any doubt, whether or not that port supports thunderbolt, or if that label etched above it is simply an error.

Thank you for taking the time to read my astonishingly long-winded request to have a very basic question answered. Have an awesome day.

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Unfortunately, there was some confusion about it and check the thread below too if you haven't seen it already.
Expect there are ways to see it either in the bios or in device manager too if someone can confirm this, but hope this helps some.