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How To Configure RAID 0 on ROG G752VT

Level 7
Hi there,

I upgraded my laptop to 64gb ram 512 m2 ssd x2 now i want to configure raid 0 on the ssds which i cant find the option on my bios hence please someone help me how to configure it many thanks

Level 9
Maybe THIS helps!

The reading deals with a G752VY but maybe it works for the VT as well.

Level 13
Not in the BIOS. Like Gussy said ^^^^ Thats one option. I cloned to another SATAIII SSD then installed the second NVMe drive, wiped the first then once I had the array set up I cloned back to the array.
Regardless you WILL need the latest IRST drivers and software package. You set up the raid in the software.
Winraid has a nice listing of downloads, Thanks Fernando

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Not to scavenge old posts but I want to assure:
This does indeed work for the ROG G752VT. I did it today. Thanks to @JustinThyme @Gustave and the OP.