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how many of you got rid of splendid? colors seem off on my stock g750

Level 7
Since buying the g750 the colors dont seem as good as my previous laptops. Does removing splendid fix this? How many of you have removed it? Any other tips?


UltimateKyo wrote:
Actually I know Splendid is useless but is power4gear unless as well? I thought it is still of some purpose therefore I left it there

Power4gears' main purpose is to jump in and set itself as the power plan, even after you manually set it to another Power Plan.

Most annoyingly Power4Gear does this when you are trying to get some performance under battery mode - setting to Balanced or Performance and Power4Gear jumps in and sets itself to Power4Gear battery mode as the power plan - locking the CPU to 700mhz... begone Power4Gear! 🙂

LOL! Understood hmscott, seems like time to uninstall Power4Gear now! Haha! Cheers~!:cool: