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How is Alan Wake running

Level 7
Playin with all max settings except: AA -2, AF - 16, FOV - max, FXAA- Low, SSAO - Low: at 27-30fps with some drops from time to time. With 290.53 drivers - saw that there's new 295.51 but didn't tried.
I use msiafterburner 935/1625. Idle temp of 5600M is 42-3C. , but playing Awan Wake is goes to 69-70C. Never seen such temperatures on my G74Sx - BF3, Skyrim, COD, Witcher 2 - they all run at 62C maximum. AW is DX9 game if that's matters...

Edit: saw that spontaneous fps drops was from drops in GPU usage - when it goes from 99% to 40-70%, fps drops around 10. I have Zonealarm firewall which consume 5% CPU average usage (resourcemonitor) and 60 opens Tabs in Mozilla. Changed Physics to use GPU in nvidia control panel and now almost no fps drops with the same Mozilla and Zonelarm running background.
ASUS G74SX-TZ277D with 4x4GB Kingston

Level 7
The game is crude yet, we have to wait for not single patches from developers