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How does the dust get inside of your notebook?

Level 9
Guys this is a bit dummy question but can someone explain me how the dust get inside of our ROG's?
I am owner of g750js and i make sure to clean it regularly to keep it cool as possible.
Most of the time the fans are clean but the metal mesh area where the air goes out of the computer, is always with a lots of dust.
I wonder how does it get there? I mean usually the fans blow the air from inside to out and does not sound logical the dust to get there,
except the dust enter from another place?

Also is it possible to get dust inside of the cooling tube of GPU/CPU?
(not sure how to say it exactly, but check the image. I have marked them)

Level 10
Dust enters through the air intake vents together with the air, obviously. Dust builds up where the airflow meets an obstacle for example outside intake vents or inside exhaust vents, air filters, mesh, fins, etc.

And the higher the airflow, the more dust will enter, thus more will accumulate near these obstacles.

I blame the fans (that's what increases airflow). Not that there really is anything that can be done about it, anyway, as you need the airflow for cooling the laptop.
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And for part 2 of the question, no dust can get inside the heat transfer tubes. There is some sort of volatile working fluid sealed in there (freon?) that evaporates at the hot end taking heat away and then condenses at the radiator end and dumps the heat. Very basic explanation, if someone more knowledgeable would like to add to that.
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Level 9
I see, thanks for the answers guys.

Can you check my image in my first post and tell me if it possible for the dust to get into these areas and if yes how do you clean them?

Level 9
Thank you mate!