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how can you tell if a GPU is soldered on or not?

Level 7
I opened up my G51J to upgrade ram from 4gb to 8gb, and I notice there were two copper heatsinks, one sits on the CPU which is at the center, and there is another copper heatsink that is near the bottom corner, I assume thats the GPU.

I notice there is a white slot and the pins of the GPU fits into the white slot, just like how Ram would in a laptop. So Iam guessing my GPU can be replaced with out needing to replace the mother board.

Level 9
did you have use problem? or could you probide photo?

Level 10
51's used a non-soldered board. the heatsinks you saw sit on the GPU core and the CPU core.

the real benefit to this design for Asus G51 owners is that in the event of a GPU failure, it could physically be replaced without needing the whole motherboard.

several people have asked about upgrades, but there really aren't any. the GTX260m was more powerful than the 360m, i think. meaning you could upgrade to one, but the price vs performance simply isn't worth it. now if you had one that went bad, then it might be.
dstrakele wrote:
I just blow the flames out and keep playin'....

when I do RMA I will push them to replace the GPU only and not the motherboard. Asus wants to charge me $192 for the mother board, but I will push them to only replace the GPU. I hope its a lot cheaper.

i would purchase one off ebay and do it yourself. if you're capable of upgrading ram, this isn't much harder. two screws hold it in. the GTX260m runs something like $140-160.
dstrakele wrote:
I just blow the flames out and keep playin'....