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How am I supposed t update my drivers if the support site isn't up to date?

Level 7
Example: the G751JM download page:

Lists V6.0.1.7368 as the most up to date sound driver.

But the "imbalanced sound thread"!

Lists V6.0.1.7432 as the most up to date sound driver, which is included on some of the G751 download pages (like the JY), but not the JM page.

So um. If Asus can't even bother to update the download page with the BUGFIX sound driver for my G751JM.... How do I know all the other drivers are not out of date as well?

Level 7
Tell me about it. There is still only Windows BIOS Flash Utility 2.42.0 for G751JT, while G751JY and G751JM have 3.0.1.

Level 7
Windows update should automatically detect the correct driver version for your device. If it doesn't pull the latest update branch then that might not be the correct driver for your device. But that is my experience only so someone might want to back that up.
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Level 14
I think Asus post update drivers once they verify that they work for a particular notebook series.
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"Until they verify it works with a particular notebook series"... Which is never, unless there's a showstopper bug. They haven't updated a single driver for the P9X79 PRO motherboard I bought almost 3 years ago. They don't update drivers or really support their products after the initial sales. Pretty ridiculous.