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Horizontal Lines plague all BBK5

Level 7
I purchased the G75 early in the month, and this machine has met all of my expectations.... But there is a problem that I seem to be having and its such an annoyance that it merits a return. I'm on my third asus g75vw now from bestbuy, the first return being from a spacebar that didnt work properly and the second due to these Horizontal Lines.

As soon as I booted up this computer I looked at the default background which shows the issue clearly. Any kind of dark shade of black or grey will show these lines. After downloading EVE online (awesome game) It was I put in a dvd to test and... more horizontal lines. I went to two different Best Buys in my area today, both of them having the AsusG75 bbk5 model on display. They had the brightness turned down slightly but the lines were still visible. This issue is widespread. I will most likely return this computer as well, as much as I don't want to.

Post a reply if you're experiencing the same issue.

If anyone learns of an update or hears from ASUS about a proper fix, please let me know. I've tried asking them myself and a representative replied that nobody has reported this issue, which I find hard to believe.

Level 14
Others have reported this issue in this forum. You have the option to return the laptop or contact NVIDIA. See
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Level 14
Well that's one problem I don't have or at least I can't see these lines you are referring too. I guess you could try a G75VW DS72 Amazon has come down on there price since i bought mine. Have you updated the video drivers, I think some earlier threads there were some issues similar to yours that were solved with the 623
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Level 7
Can you post a pic? I have the Bbk-5 and see no lines and its a month old.. I play cs go and left for dead 2 mostly.

Level 7
mines fine
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Level 7
luckily i don't have that issue with my bbk5.

Level 11
I own BBK5 and I do not have this issue.
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Level 11
I have it. You have to look REALLY close or have the monitor at an odd tilt angle to really notice it though. In my case it's not as noticeable as it is in the reference thread.

For reference, per HWInfo the manufacturer/model of my screen is a Chi Mei 173HGE. It's also really only apparent in the dark red and dark blue color ranges. For those experiencing it, what's the manufacturer/model of yours?
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Level 11
Here is a pic of my BBK5 screen using the forums (since they are dark black)

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