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Horizontal lines/choppyness

Level 7
Hello i am very new to forums,
i just got my G75vw-TS72 and when playing WoW, watching youtube, watching netflix i get horizontal lines/choppyness. i am not 100% sure how to describe it but it looks like parts don't' load as fast and it is about 1/8 of a inch off in sections due to slow loads. could that be a video card issue, monitor issue? i just want my new laptop to look great playing wow and D3.
someone please get back to me or look into this.

i watched and in the WoW vid he made, you can kind of see the issue.


Kabuke, that was the same exact problem I was having (in your video). The reboot fixed it for me.

Level 7
ok thanks, ugh not looking forward to a comp reboot >.<

Level 7
Kabuke, I read another thread that said that LCD displays work on frequencies that are multiples of 67Hz. I was having not exactly your lines, but some dark lines in dark areas wile in the desktop. I changed the refresh rate to 67Hz and it was like a miracle. Your problem seems to be a driver issue, almost confirmed. Defective monitors do not do that flickering. Maybe your WoW version is crapped or something else.

Hope you can work out the issue.
G75VW-BBK5 / i7 3610QM / 8GB RAM / OCZ Agility 3 SSD 120GB / GTX 660M

Level 7
ya i tried the 67Hz thing and it didn't fix it, and i would think it would be my wow if that was the only place it happens, i just used wow for the vid cause it is easiest to force the problem. withing the next few days i am gonna try some things that people suggested.