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Horizontal lines/choppyness

Level 7
Hello i am very new to forums,
i just got my G75vw-TS72 and when playing WoW, watching youtube, watching netflix i get horizontal lines/choppyness. i am not 100% sure how to describe it but it looks like parts don't' load as fast and it is about 1/8 of a inch off in sections due to slow loads. could that be a video card issue, monitor issue? i just want my new laptop to look great playing wow and D3.
someone please get back to me or look into this.

i watched and in the WoW vid he made, you can kind of see the issue.


Level 7
Hi, i have been on this issue for a little bit now as a new g75 owner. i see the lines and i could see them in that video as well when the camera wasnt shaking. As far as I know its a driver issue. I cant be for sure on this, i really dont know anything too technical about computers. my post has a link to this forum showing that the problem has existed even with the g74. I have talked to asus and they say to send the computer in, i have talked with best buy and they say any tech will see nothing wrong with it, and i have talked with nvidia and they say the problem has been recognized and is being addressed with asus. I think it has to do with dithering... or that both the video card and the monitor are doing it. Im hoping that the problem will be resolved with driver updates, but i cant get a strait answer out of anyone which makes me worried.

Level 7
They have to "repair" that... Has the same horizontal ****y lines :/.

I haven't noticed any horizontal lines (other than when windows has been crashing to a black screen with green lines and squares).

If you are able to capture the lines via screen capture software, then the problem must be driver related because a physical hardware issue with the screen wouldn't be captured by software.

Hoping new video, chipset drivers and bios update resolves some of the problems we're having.

Level 7
Exactly, for me two issues for now:

1. Horizontal lines(it is visible one the printscreen as well, but i think this is screen display issue and u didnt notice that on other laptop - i will check it later on my Toshiba Qosmio)
2. Audio settings(soboofer and speakers)

the lines i am getting are different than the ones listed above, i have yet to see those kines thankfully. my issue looks like breaks or tears in the screen from graphic not loading fast enough. i have been trying to get a screenshot and i doesn't capture my issue, i don't know if that means it is a screen problem or just the delay for taking the screen shot is enough time to load the screen properly. i am going to my friends house tomorrow to connect it to his tv via hdmi to see if i can get the issue occurring there also. i am not sure what else i can provide, i know the issue is more noticeable with fast pace movement, like someone running in a show/movie, or me moving my camera quickly in wow. off to work, but i will try and get a screenshot if i can.
this issue is different than the other black lines, this one don't appear when stagnant.

Level 7
hmmm let us know when u come back from friend....

so the issue does show up on other displays. my friend says that he would call it "vertical tearing or anti-aliasing" something like that, but he does believe it should e a video card issue. Hopefully he is right and they doe come up with drivers soon, i really hope i didn't get a lemon laptop

can anyone else confirm that there are issues of things not being clear as the camera moves, on any game/video. it only happens to small sections at a time, but the 1/4inch to inch of space that has a distorted image is really getting on my nerves and i am about ready to revert back to my 3 year old laptop and deal wit not having max graphics or full hd. idk how else to explain it, the issue looks like many short horizontal slicers in the screen that chops up part of the image and make it unclear, like watching netflixs if it happens on a persons head for example part of there face will be a few millimeters ahead of behind the rest, then the images catches up and it is fine until more movement happens. MarshallR@ASUS you seem to be the person to look into things, any ideas?

Same problem here. I tested it on two different external screens (TV and computer monitor) and I keep seeing this horizontal break in the screen when there is fast movement and a lot of color contrast in a video (Youtube, netflix, video game, everything) . It looks like there are a few rows of pixels that can’t keep up with the rest of the picture. A screen shot cannot capture this problem as it seems to correct itself when there is no movement in the picture. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?