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High DPC Jerky Video Robotic Audio

Level 7
OK hope this may help some of the issues people have had. Assuming you have latest and correct drivers on Win7 64bit.

1) If scrolling while online seems shakey you will probably find turning off the 3D (if you have it) using the ROG button next to the Power button will cure this. For some strange reason 3D is defaulted to on when booting up even if you look at 2D video and imaging. Changing settings in latest Nvidia panel sees no difference in this behaviour.

2) Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on reboot was caused by latest Atheros Bluetooth Bus driver. Boot to Safe Mode and roll it back in Device manager.

3) This one caused a lot of frustration. Have you got intermittent freezing or stuttering video, robotic audio, high DPC latency using DPC latency checker. Bet you have looked into Atheros drivers, Power Management, Nvidia drivers etc etc. I know the feeling!!!!!! OK the culprit is, if you have it, Malwarebytes Website Blocking, turn just the Website Blocking off and you will get a beautiful sea of green in DPC latency checker. For those that don't see if you have got similar software performing similar function.

Hope this helps at least some of the problems I have seen posted here.