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Hibernate Issue on G751JL

Level 7
So I recently purchased a G751JL-DS71-CA laptop, and I'm currently on my second one since the first had a defective VGA port. I have noticed it has an issue going into hibernate explained below.

When putting the laptop in sleep mode after a couple hours there is a timer set for it to hibernate, you can find this in advanced power settings under the sleep category, its a built in windows feature. I noticed the computer turns on when it hits the timer(default is 3 hours after its put to sleep) and it will not hibernate, it just stays on for 15 minutes and goes back into sleep mode when it hits whatever threshold it' configured to go to sleep. In the systems event viewer if I filter by power troubleshooter it shows that the system was woken up by the power button, such as when the lid was opened or when the button is pressed. When I do get this feature to work correctly, which i will explain next, it says something like "S4 doze to hibernate" which is the correct wake source.

The odd thing is when I set the computer to hibernate after being asleep for thirty minutes or less it seems to actually go into hibernate mode, however whenever I try to set this for more than an hour it will simply wake up from sleep and stay on until its been 15 minutes or whatever the configured auto sleep time is. I can confirm this because the computer is still in sleep(when it should have hibernated) when I check it after the specified time, and can also confirm the wake source was power button in event logs, which it shouldn't be. If this was due to an app or scheduled task it should say the name of app or task in the wake source log, which leads me to believe this is more of a BIOS or driver issue possibly?

I have now also tried to do a clean install of windows 8.1 and the hibernate issue still occurs. I know I may be knit picking here but I want to make sure my computer is in perfect working condition as it was quite pricey and I have OCD when it comes to electronics. I did notice the initial defective unit I had went into hibernate after 3 hours without any issues, that is why I am concerned about this one. So if anyone could let me know this issue is normal or software related I would really appreciate it 🙂