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Help with upgrading an SSD on a ASUS GL552VW-DH74

Level 7

I know this issue has come up in the past but I am not sure if the question has ever been really resolved or if anyone has some experience they may be able to share. 

I have a GL552VW-D74 and I generally love it.  The only real issue I have is that the C drive is the 128 GB SATA M 2 drive and my operating system basically eats the entire drive.  Of the 128 GB, I seem restricted to only 118GB, and much of that is consumed by Windows and a few applications I use for work.  At the end of the day, I am bumping up at 117GB and need to remove software every time there is an upgrade needed.  

I would like to upgrade my SSD to something bigger but I am not sure how big I can go in expanding the SSD or if there are limitations on what I can buy.  It seems I am stuck with a SATA, and I can't use an NVMe or a PCI3 but is there a ceiling in the memory I can add?  Can I get to 500GB or 1TB in the M 2 slot?  Are there brands I need to buy (or brands recommended)?  Samsung does have some big SSDs but they are pretty expensive.  At a certain price point the question is whether to upgrade the old PC or buy a new one. 

Anyone have any advice?  

Quick update-  I tried to get some advice from the  ASUS live chat and they couldn't offer me any advice accept that the computer was built to accommodate the 128 GB SATA drive and the 1 TB HDD drives, that any additions would be modifications but they could not tell me if they would cause problems for the computer or not.  The reason- ASUS had not tested those drives. 

I am thinking of this- Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1 TB M.2 Sata internal SSD -  but might go with the smaller sized drives.  

Any advice is appreciated


Level 12

I prefer using crucial to upgrade my laptop so I looked up yours and found this hope it helps 

Hey C-V-N,

Thank you for the post.  I had also been advised to look at Crucial drives as well, but I think the problem is that laptop has two drives, the C drive is SATA M 2 drive while there is a second D drive that has 1 TB HDD Drive.   I could replace the HDD with a SDD but that would simply swap one D drive for another.  I am not sure if I could simply take out the 128 GB SATA M 2 drive.  As for RAM, which Crucial does offer,  I think I could go to 32GB but I am currently at 16 and am happy with that.   So sadly, I don't think the drives on the Crucial page are quite right, as I am not looking for RAM and I need the 2.0 SATA and not a 2.5.  That said, thanks for the offer of help. 

The problem might simply be what I can replace the C drive with.  The - Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1 TB M.2 Sata internal SSD looks promising, but I am not sure if my computer would accept it.  Apparently the problem has been in the BIOS.  Past posts suggest that a 250 or 500 GB M 2 SATA might work, but I am not sure if that has been tested.