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Help with scar iii ssd

Level 7
Hii guys i need your help asap, i have rog laptop with 2 hard drives, one is adata ssd 240 (os drive) and one intel 660 p nvme ( for games).

I found out that the intel drive is faulty because if i install big games on it, it just disappears from the system and every time the drive disappearing i reboot Windows and the computer gets stuck on logo screen(happing just if the secondary drive going bad).

After couple of reboots the system gets to Windows without a problem and the drive showing up as normal.

What im asking is if i have faulty secondary drive (not os drive) can it cause Windows to not boot up? I need to know if that is my problem before i replace the faulty drive, thanks.

Level 14
I would contact support for the SSD and see what they say. 2nd drive failing shouldn't prevent you from booting Unless somehow you have boot manager somehow got on your 2nd SSD. This can sometimes happen on Clean Installs if you leave the 2nd drive install during the Clean install.
You can test this by Removing the 2ne drive and booting up that should answer your question.
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