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Help with "weird" G751JT mousepad and buttons!

Level 7
If this is the inapropiate thread i apologyze beforehand, but i could not find help anywhere else.
I have an issue with my ASUS notebook G751JT; GTX970M 3Gvram, WIN 10 up to date, INTEL i7-4720HQ 2.60GHz (4 physical cores)
Ever since the UPDATES that ceme for windows 10 in preparation for the creators update, my touchpad and buttons have started working erratically.

I have never EVER spilt any drinks on my laptop or otherwise had an issue which may damage the hardware. I have never droped it, and this issue started before i took it to a different climate.
The ISSUES are as it follows:
The mouse pad can track my finger no problem, but no "gesture" works. Not the click or double tap, not the drag (for scrllolling) or any custom gesture. This issue extends to the right and left button which do nothing.
The only gesture that works is a wierd 3 finger one which locks the cursor in place.

I have tried EVERYTHING that i know of. Re installed the drivers, both old and new, and i even did a very late due clean install of windows to no avail.
The only thing that changes is when i Uninstall the "ElanTech" touchpad driver. After re-booting it allows me to use the left button, but no gesture at all, and the left button still wont work.
I have contacted asus tech suport and they suggest that it is a hardware issue, but again, i can get one of the buttons working when i uninstall that driver so im not sure.

The only other thing that i can think that might have happened, is that the buttons got de-configured in the BIOS, but i have never acccesed it in this pc so im not sure what might have happened.

pls help. This pc is my baby and im still paying it after 3 years, i cant afford to send it to mantainance. (i dont j¿have the money and this is where i work)
ps. external mouse works just fine, but taking it allong everywhere can be inconvinient and a little embarrassing

Level 14
Ok these latest WU are causing issues with all of our notebooks. you'll need to find a compatible driver. Have you looked on the Asus support site? perhaps some of the guy's still using 751's will chime in as to which drivers they are using. I have found the Logitech MX Anywhere very convenient to keep around with my notebook I have a hard case that it stores in and rechargeable battery last a couple of months turned on all the time.
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