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Help with mods please...

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Hi all, first time poster...

I just recently (2days ago) traded my heavily modded desktop for a G74sx (and some $).

First thing I did was run RealTemp GT. G74 was running @ 45 degrees at idle.

So I changed the thermal compound on the cpu and gpu and did some house keeping...

It idles around 37 now, but Im not happy.

I am, and have always been a desktop guy, this is my first laptop. So far I like it, but it needs more... ... ...

My desktop ran at 22 degrees at idle and 54 degrees at 100% load (4670k @ 4.6).

I like my computers running cool/cold.

With this being said... ... has anyone tried making a custom closed loop liquid cooler for this rig?

It doesnt seem like it would be that hard, copper tubing, looped and soldered to the top of the existing heatsinks, running back to a small rad. or at least a liquid loop using the same heat exchanger setup it currently has. I didnt take it off, but the left speaker looks like there could be room under it for a small high volume pump...

On that note, what mods have people done? Is there a g74 mod thread I couldnt find? or do people just not mod laptops?

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Im giving liquid cooling a try.

Already bought the tubing and cooling fins...

Does anyone know where I can find a cheep empty g74 case to use for fitting? I found a few on ebay but the cheepist is $80

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Does anyone have their g74 apart?
If so would you be able to measure the heat sinks?

I have a heat sink being shipped, but would like to have the copper plates at the same time so I can get this liquid cooling going.

Is there even anyone in this forum?

Yup, lots of people on the forum, we just don't check it every day. I'm interested in your results too. I switched to laptops from desktops on my previous upgrade cycle and came to Asus because the specs were great. But other than adding an SSD I've yet to do anything bold (I'm sort of intimidated by the form factor)

GA502IV, AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS 2.9GHz with Radeon Graphics
Boot Drive: SSD NVMe PC SN530 (1 TB)
Data Drive: WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD (1 TB)
GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6.0 GB
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

G74SX-CST1-CBIL, i7 2630QM 2GHz (It just won't die!)
12GB DDR3 RAM @1333MHz
Boot Drive: Samsung 860 EVO (1 TB)
Data Drive: Samsung 850 EVO (500 GB)
BIOS 203
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Level 7
Hi! Good to see there are actual people here... was beginning to wonder...

Should have a rough mock up Friday... if I get my copper tomorrow...

Dont be intimidated, it basically a lower power desktop crammed in a book... You can do all the same things to a laptop you can do with a desktop, just takes a lot more ingenuity...

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hey!if you do a mod please take pictures! i have a g53s and i will made a mod when i get a new case, in case i made a disaster!

Level 7
lol, hopefully I wont be needing a new case.
I dont plan on doing much, if any trimming.

But yes, I will start taking pics tomorrow when I have my pos (its a dell) laptop apart to do the first mock up.

Also, Im having issues trying to find an unlocked i5 for this thing... Is there an i5 that works with the g74?

Reason I want an i5 is because, at least for desktops, they are a lot cheeper than i7's and I dont really have a use for hyperthreading and it seems that i7 xm chips dont like our computers (locked at 2.5 no turbo)
I like brute force over all else.

Level 7
First mock up was an epic failure...

was making a copper rad out of 1/2" and 1/4" copper tubing flattened for better heat transfer...

1/2" for the sides, 1/4" for the horizontals... with the end caps on the 1/2" pipes, there was only 1" of usable space, definitely not enough to make a rad out of.

Was toying with peltier modules after my epic fail... not gonna happen. Extremely good cooling, but will lead to condensation...

Now Im planning on using the existing air set up, modding it and turning it into liquid.

we shall see how that goes when I get my new air cooler.

Sounds fun, I don't know if I would have the balls to do that with my laptop. Where do you find the space?

Youtube channel

G53SW-A1 User

Level 7
rad goes where the existing rad is, lines same thing, pump will be submerged in the reservoir (to cut down on internal heat) and mounted... ... possibly beside the left speaker... its a small pump.

Thats the plan... but we will see how it ends...