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Help with g752vm nvme / m.2 /ssd compatible list

Level 7
Hello Rog comunity ... let me make this short and eaasy... is there some kind of site were i can view a list of compatible nvme drives for a g752vm or the g752 gen 10gtx in general.

I want to buy a 850 but haven't found a machine with it on forums...
followed instruction here with an used 850 i found but didn't work (update: the old 850 *dead* i tried with an m.2/mvme enclosure and it didn't work):
If you own an ASUS ROG GL752VW (as long as you have the NVMe-enabled variant of course), N752VW or a G752 and you want the speedy SSD installed on your machine, we suggest entering the BIOS and change the following settings:

– Go to the “Boot” menu and look for CSM (Compatibility Support Module) and disable that option.
– In the same “Boot” menu, select “Secure boot” and disable it. Also, look for an option named “OS type” (if you have that one) and select “Other OS”.
– You should also find the so-called “Key management” option – clear all the secure boot keys if you have any.
– Use a bootable UEFI flash drive to install your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

bottom line i want raid able and singles of people that had installed these successfully