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Help to find/Identify components or boardview fore Asus ROG G703VI

Level 7

Hello everyone I would need to get a hold of a boardview or component list for Asus ROG G703VI tried googling but absolutely impossible

I find a site that wanted $75 but was hoping to get away a little cheaper.

I bought a G703VI cheaply but they have been in tha computor and broken off a lot of cuponenets.

They have destroyed the monitor's connectors as you can see in picture 2, but I have replace it now 🙂

And there are 2 components missing under the monitor connectors, don't know what should be there

picture no. 1 shows where the components in picture 3 are located.

hope this is the right forum for this post otherwise i can move it or delete it no problem! or if someone can recommend a forum where I can make a post, I've tried badcaps and got some help but unfortunately it wasn't enough

Picture 4 motherboard version

Many thanks in advance!!!!

1511494355880.jpgScreenshot_2023-11-02-02-07-04-91_273f8db0bcd6bed5a91d8f0a06d26143 (1).jpgrog11.jpg372695551_1256473115024426_3189108277273766144_n.jpg.3c7908161594b06cde35cadc4c0cc047.jpg


Level 12

You could try going to  website and see if they can help you.