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Help plz. Looking for images of the original G73JH windows 7 Home Premium

Level 7
Hello. Help plz. Looking for images of the original windows 7 Home Premium was originally installed on the laptop Asus G73JH. I upgrade to Windows 10, but I have it bad work, and would like to return to the Windows 7. Ai Recovery gives an error ( Sorry for my bad english.

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Hi, welcome to the forums!
You may already know about the Win10 'go back' feature, but if it's been less than 30 days since you upgraded, you may want to try to 'go back' to Win7 this way?

Below is an FAQ on the ASUS website which also includes links to other FAQs that tell you how to 'go back' from inside Win10.

If you have already used the AI Recovery disks, the suggestion above may not help very much though.

Level 7
On the back of your laptop there should be a Windows 7 activation key, go to the website and use it.