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HELP on G55v BIOS Upgrade then Crashed

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I need your help if possible. I upgraded my Asus G55 from BIOS version 214 to 217 and it worked fine one time then the second time it came up with a black screen. The PC will not boot up. You press the power button and the keyboard and other led lights lit up but nothing afterwards. Any ideas?


Level 10
Thats what happened to me twice in a row. And thats why i was 2 months without a laptop for it being in a repair service. There were some suggestions that worked for some people using some key combinations for restoring the BIOS from a flashdrive, but not for me so i had to send it for repairs.

Yea, none of the key combos worked. I am planning on sending it back if I can't find another solution. It took you two months to get your Laptop back? Was it still under warranty? if not, if you don't mind how much was it to repair?

I'm living in Denmark and ASUS doesn't have a repair centre here, so I had to send it all the way to Stockholm Sweden. Each of the 2 times the laptop was there for a month. And yes it was in warranty, so everything including the transportation fees were paid for by ASUS. I tried the thing with Ctrl+Home+Power key and the first time my laptop got bricked it didn't work, so I send it for repair. The second time it worked somehow, and I managed to boot Windows even without updating the BIOS, because I didn't have the BIOS on flashdrive. Then I thought that it fixed by itself, but I've never been so wrong! The next time I tried to boot even the key combo wouldn't work so I sent it for repairs again for 1 month.

Thats my story. Not so pleasant but what could I do? When I got it back from the second repair, it even came with a damaged heatsink, like the heatsink has been dropped or something and some of the fins were bent.... THANK YOU ASUS for the GREAT help!!! Anyways the laptop is working fine and I'm not gonna touch the stupid ASUS BIOS again, and most certainly I will never buy an ASUS laptop again for sure.

My advice to you now is to try @wantedzai's proposal, and if that doesn't work, send your lappy for repair and PRAY, like literally pray for it to come in one piece. Best of luck my friend!

Level 14
Yea If you here in the states pm cl-albert he can help getting you notebook through Repair successfully
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