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help on finding good laptop to game (BF4) for a low price?

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Asus X751LD Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Wifi, 17.3 inch, Laptop with 2GB Dedicated Graphics - Black

im asking this for a freind, is this an ok laptop to game on or would you spend more?
max spending monney is £700 ( UK )

or do enny of you guys can recommend a bether one for the max price listed?

Level 14
Fore the most part this is a specific Asus Gaming G 75, G 55, G46 forum so mostly we won't know about A X751LD. All Asus Gaming notebooks are prefixed G.
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@kkn, I'm biased, but like to think all our notebooks are pretty good although customers need to make sure the notebook they choose has everything they want.

I haven't verified the specs on my end, but according to the website you provided, that notebook has this graphics chip which isn't going to be as good as the current ROG notebooks: •NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 820M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM dedicated graphics

If your friend only wants a cheap notebook with a bigger screen for email, internet, and 'light' or 'undemanding' gaming, this notebook should fit those requirements (you may want to ask your friend to check the hardware requirements of the games they are interested in?).

If they want something for heavy-duty gaming and demanding graphics applications, suggest looking for a different notebook model assuming they can afford it.

Well, moved your thread to the G750 section, so hopefully we can get more opinions here.

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The cheapest gaming notebook that I've seen is the Lenovo Ideapad Y510P. A buddy of mine picked one up for just under $1,000. They've come down in price a little since then too. I believe Newegg and Tigerdirect are selling them for right around $900. It's got an SLI set up and will run just about anything on high or ultra settings. The only problem that I can see with it is heat management. Buy a good pair of headphones with it and you won't have to listen to the fans screaming!

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@albert thank you.
he want the laptop to game on too, aka bf4 for exaple.

@gunnwars, that laptop ended up whit a dedicaded 2 gig 755m card in it.
do remember that this is in the UK ( aka england ).

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XD im glad you didn’t buy that laptop XD the graphic card sucks extremely and there much better laptops for that price ^^

Performance of GPU :

BTW also recommend your friend to switch the 8 GB SSD to a 250/128 GB SSD just for your OS that’s extremely good option to make the pc very fast! Or if you have enough space you can put your game on it.

to bad the laptop he bought has an (1366x768) screen that really sucks :< but the specs are nice.
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Level 14
he did not buy it, he was looking at it and was asking for bether option at the max price of £700.
so no deal as of yet 🙂