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Help needed in restoring:Urgent

Level 7
Hello guys,
I have an ASUS G73SW which has got 2 500GB drives in which I have 2 partitions in each.
I want to restore the laptop's OS to the factory settings using the recovery utility [F9] without losing any data on the partions except the C drive.
How can I achieve this?
Out of the 3 options available:
1.Recover Windows to first partition only.

2.Recover Windows to entire HD.

3.Recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions.

does the 1st 1 mean that it will restore windows only to the 1st partition i.e C & leave all the other 'Totally Intact'?

I need confirmation from u people regarding this.

Thank You.

Level 8
Yes, to your question. Choose option 1.

I would disconnect the second drive first though, if your G73 is anything like my G74 its absolutely no problem to do this. Just CAREFULLY pull the tab connecting it from the machine. I would also back up everything you don't want to lose if you haven't already. Back up back up back up is a personal mantra to me as I've lost way too much stuff over the years. If you have an external you can use I highly recommend using that. While this a very simple straightforward procedure ANYTIME you do anything with drives or volumes (partitions) you run a risk.
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Level 9
if you worry, you can save yoru date first and play with youself, you will be know about it.