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Help!! Need Advice, Asus G75VW completely wrecked, unknown problem

Level 7
Hi, I've had my Asus G75VW model for about a good 2 years so far and had no problems. Recently, I moved and accidentally left the laptop on sleep during the moving process. As a result, it stood in the sun for a good 4 hours and probably died of heat exhaustion. Now the problem is that whenever I try to turn the laptop on, the display nor the harddrive turns on. As a result, the computer spontaneously shuts down and refuses to even turn on the monitor (Offline monitor, but you can hear the fans spinning up, keyboard lighting, but no harddrive either).

After contacting a technician who by the way after a good month of repair and service turned out to be completely ignorant and wasted my time, told me that the problem lied in the fact that the motherboard or GPU had become completely wrecked and either I would have send it in for a hardware repair or try to replace the parts myself. I do not have warranty on this laptop. The technician was some guy overseas who barely spoke English, but I assume he knew at least what needed to be done, it's just he kept screwing up. He told me that he replaced the GPU, but apparently it was "unstable" and continued to create more and more problems. At this point I knew he had no idea what he was doing so I told him to send it back, and I should be receiving it in mail soon.

I come to these forums because this is most likely my last measure in contacting people who will give me thoughtful advice instead of charging $100 just to they can even glance at my machine.

At this point, I'm not even sure if the technician's analysis was correct, but it makes sense somewhat if the display and the harddrive refuse to turn on.
1. I don't think it's a HD problem because even without the HD, the display refuses to turn on.
2. I've already tried holding down the power button and draining the motherboard of its electricity
3. I've already contacted Asus manufacturers and because I don't have warranty they don't do anything about it

Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time and concern.

Level 8!consumer/csn9

That's a link to ASUS NA. You should be able to get in touch with somebody after the holiday. You'll probably end up paying shipping to them and this will take several weeks to sort out.

Level 7
Hmm okay thanks for the help. Just an estimate though, how much does ASUS usually charge for a full-service repair for something like this? I know they'll probably say, in the case where you have to replace a motherboard or GPU, we recommend you to just buy an entirely new machine. Hopefully time isn't an issue as well since I mix this laptop with both games and business purposes. $500-700 in 2 weeks? =/

wasd123333 wrote:
Hmm okay thanks for the help. Just an estimate though, how much does ASUS usually charge for a full-service repair for something like this?/

That's going to be determined by the severity of the damage, which is part of the problem in itself; trying to figure out how fried your rig is.