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HELP! - I need a new screen for my ASUS G74SX-XA1- got no idea where to buy it .

Level 7
HELP! This was a 17.3-inch LED-backlit Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 screen for an ASUS G74SX-XA1 gaming computer.

Then my fat cat sat on the lid and squashed the mouse into the screen.
Now it is an abstract display. 😞

I simply cannot stand using my old miserable HP special for desktop secretaries. UGH UGH UGH. I can't load my games except at lowest resolution and then I move across the screen in jerks and lags resembling the very first movies from the earliest 20th century.

I found replacement screens on e-bay, amazon, on an asus site in China that will take 20 days to get to me, and an English site. The prices range from $80 to $295 (that was the English site).

I do not know where to buy it. I do not which sellers to trust. I am lost, so I am writing y'all for help.

Thank you


Level 17
I honestly don't know who to tell you to trust, since all of the sellers of random screens are pretty much universally random people, which means that there is likely no way to establish the trustworthiness. You could probably get something off e-Bay, I know that people have done that in the past with other components.
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I replaced the screen myself on my G73jh from here. They give you a three yr. warranty, and I would recommend them. They are fast, and send you exactly the screen you order (so order carefully)
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(both have 1920X1080 hd screens, mine above, hers below )
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