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Help! G751JT-CH71 Keyboard backlight isn't working! - found the cause on mine...

Level 7
D'oh! I just got my new Asus ROG G751JT-CH71 today and right off the bat I've got a problem. The keyboard backlighting won't light up! Ever since I got it it hasn't lit up at all. 😞 The rest of the laptop feels great so far and I really like it, but I haven't really done much because I don't want to invest any time on this thing if I'm going to have to send it back because of the keyboard lighting.

I've tried the normal Fn + F4 (keyboard brightness up) and once I enabled the on-screen display it would show the image of the keyboard and with the brightness increasing until max. And I've played around with Fn + F3 (dimming keyboard brightness). I've contacted Asus tech support and they've had me reinstall the ATK drivers, the Intel Chipset drivers, and the Keyboard Filter Driver. None of it has made any difference. I've rebooted the machine several times during the whole process.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can try? I REALLY don't want to send this thing back, but no way am I going to keep it without working backlighting for the keyboard. That's a required feature of a laptop for me.


Of the top, I got my G751JT few days ago and the backlight on the key board started with the start of the PC. Unfortunately, once started browsing the backlight disappeared for good. Getting to this forum showed me that Fn4 can make it happen again and Fn3 can trim it back. Could not find it in the 0409_E9655_A.pdf manual using common words like "backlight" etc.. - frustrating as it was, the forum gave me the Fn3/4 - thank you, as for the original post - I think that laptop has a hardware fault and need to be returned for a fix.

I had my laptop for a year or so. The backlight never worked, but after a support call I decided I couldn't be bothered.

But I found the cause today as I opened the laptop to try to blow some dust out of the fans, since I imagined that it make more racket than usual. I actually also thought that I could check the cables while doing it, as I have been slightly bothered after all...

Anyway, the ribbon cable was snapped off at the connector, and as it was not in the right place, it was also screwed through by one of the screws that fastens the keyboard, cutting off one of the leads rather neatly.

Not sure what to do though... probably just continue to be slightly miffed...

Level 10
Hopefully it'll be fine after a replacement, my keyboard had the same problem and they swapped it with a new one. Works fine now, but im still scared to use it in fear it'll go bad again lol.