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HELP - G751 Touchpad and Rubber Screw Covers

Level 7
Greetings all, I am having a bit of a night - and I could use some interpersonal advocacy and assistance with my ASUS G751. I am a technologist and can handle the tech side of things - repairs and all that - but I have also a very bad problem dealing with interpersonal actions - it's likely I have Asperger's and while I am much older and wiser in life, I still have a hell of a time dealing with some problems that mainly involve other people.

I have two issues that just cropped up tonight on my only 2 month old G751 - it's got a year or two warranty and all that mess - I got it on Amazon, but I think that is a 30 day deal and then you have to basically RMA or whatever with ASUS.

Issue 1:

Rubber screw covers for the bottom -

This image - these covers - apparently I am missing one - I honestly don't think it was ever there but maybe it was and fell out... either way that should be covered (no pun) by the warranty... I would like to get a replacement for it - the one missing is the one if looking at the image as such - lower left corner nearest there the case foot is. the others are all still in place and tight in.

Issue 2:

Touch Pad buttons and Tapping - has suddenly seem to have stopped working - no reason it should, thought it was some kind of conflict, but it's not able to re resolved with driver or trouble shooting - then I read there is a common problem with this and I am not the only one with the same issues.

Other wise my system is mint and I would like to keep it that way... can someone help direct me to what is the best and least stressful way to deal with a take care of both these issues...

The main reason I am having something of a stress on this is that my last time dealing with ASUS was 9 RMAs over a year in which each time the repair actually caused more and more damage to my laptop until it was finally declared a lost cause and a replacement one was sent to me which was not really what I had in mind but what was offered. So RMA fear is strong here, and I would simply like to take care of it myself if I can directly with say

Shipped Rubber Part to me and I can install it myself... spares are nice also.
And... if the touch pad needs to be replaced I can do that in shop here... If I need the unit replaced completely, then that is also fine provided I can get a new one that does work and preserve my data in the process.

Thank you for your help, very stressed out, and anyone that is actually at ASUS if you could chime in and help that would be very helpful. Going to read the RMA guide, and try not to get to worked up on this end.


D. Valenti

Level 10
Creating a second thread likely wont get you any direct Asus comment you need to call support. These forums are for users to help other users. Those inserts never really fall out they need to be wedged out but they arent important. We have very rarely got asus to ship anything and we are in the industry with contacts at asus so you can assume right now you might need to rma it for that rubber piece if you must have it and they may very well say you removed and lost it because they really dont just fall out. Good luck.
3d printed parts and accessories for the G751. You know you want something better than OEM ->[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

Level 7
Would you happen to have the phone / email contact handy - I am pressed and stressed here and I am not finding something that looks like it here or on Asus atm... I am still trying to figure out why this doesn't want to work and where that part had ended up -- where it could be - my OCD is kind of working over time here... Why I asked for help... it's not that I can't pay for the part - I would just like to get them sent, and I can work with a broken TP for now - it would be nice to figure out why it is that way - but honestly I can just use the mouse... I think the TP is just defective and poorly made and it's simply stopped working right - it can actually work for a bit as windows starts, but then it stops working shortly after or doesn't work the next boot up... so it's fading, dying or whatever... probably a simple part swap would fix it, but your saying that they don't do that - so perhaps I just need to send the entire thing back and get them to send me a new one that is working, maybe that is the simplest and best way to handle it... I can always back up my data... no big deal. More I think about it, that is probably what I will do, it's still on the CC, and I have that to back up the purchase and I can simply return it and exchange it for another one.

Level 10
3d printed parts and accessories for the G751. You know you want something better than OEM ->[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

Level 8
Newest drivers for mouse have the option to disable the internal one when you plug a second mouse, maybe it's the case here, check over the options in mouse. Wich version of Windows are you using? If updated to 10 please update also mouse driver. Cheers

Thanks for the links aeolisio - appreciated, and I will take a look - This is both with Windows 10 Pro, and with Windows 8.1 Home which is still on the SSD that shipped with the system - I have both on different HDs - At first I thought it was an issue with 10, but one reverting back it was doing the same thing in 8.1... so it's not the install... can't seem to find a BIOS issue - reverted that to the defaults with the shipped OS and SSD/HD in the system...

I could try to recover Windows and see what that does with a complete return to the shipped OS install - that is still and option on the SSD.

Just a bit of therapy... this kind of thing seems to always happen just when I think things are finally looking up something like this bites me in the ass, I am sorry to sound whining and complaining.... I am trying hard not to, but I am a little and I know it - it's just a little part that is missing, and it's a TP that really I don't use... but it's kind of the moral/emotional side of it - new laptop, new start... trying to get life in order and then little things kick over one's sand castles... ok, check is in the mail for the therapy session.... :), maybe today will go better when I give them a call and see what can be done right - I am sure they can sell me some parts and all that... and then it will be fine.