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[GUIDE] Restore 7UI to Windows 8

Level 10
First switch your profile to a local account.

This is the program you need. I will NOT link to it, name the file, nor respond to any PMs about this Toolkit.

Click Windows 8 + Server 2012, Click 7 Classic UI, Install Classic UI + SD Windows. It will then log you out. Once you are logged back in, right click on the Desktop and select 7 Classic UI. While in 7 Classic UI, right clicking the Desktop will have an option to switch back to 8 Metro UI

In the System Tweak menu, you can toggle Auto Logon, and also disable Hibernation.

After restoring the 7 Classic UI, as you open certain files that would normally call on their Metro application, you will get an error. Simply right click the file, choose Open With, select the program, and choose Use this program by default.

You will have do this for common files such as .txt, .pdf, .mp4, .avi
Anything that had an 8 Metro app assigned to it.

G75VW-DS73-3D | 670m 3GB | 32GB RAM | 1TB RAID-0 2 x 830 512GB SSD DualBoot | Killer-N 1103 WiFi

Level 9
thank for sharing, are you way broke win 7 hidden partition?