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gu502gv optane memory

Level 7
Hello, recently purchased a rog gu502gv with 1tb intel optane memory. (for 1,100) The intel optane memory app - under the statistics tab says "intel optane memory service is not running" I've been online with intel tech support for days getting it started. The tech support person didnt seem to know what this meant and i'm waiting for an email from him. Can anyone enlighten me if you know what this means or if theres a fix id aappreciate it. or if you need more info/screen shots


Level 9
Hello redrooster808,
May I know what has the intel tech support instructed you?
Like update any driver or install anything else?
May I have the screenshot of the status and error message in the Optane Memory App?
I will ask for more support about it.
Thank you so much.

The last intel tech support didnt seem too sure why it was showing it. he was supposed to look into it and email me back. I have two intel memory optane apps, theres actually three..the one with the error message is an app that is at the end of life. 84956 he wwa going to look and see if having two apps was the reason for the error seems unlikely. but to delete one app i have to disable optane memory again.

hope that helped. and was able to attach the image. if you need anything else please ask. ty

Level 9
Hello redrooster808,
Thank you for the information,
I have reported to our technical support for more detailed information.