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graphic stuttering and frame drops in games / G551vw

Level 7
hello guys,
i bought my G551vw and when i 1st start gaming i noticed micro stutters (frame drops)... i tried to reset my laptop and nothing... tried the latest Nvidia drivers from original website (GTX 960 M) and still the same even i tried to driver from Asus official website... i decided to send it for the company and they had to replace my board and vga with a new one, but i still have the same problem...
im running pre-installed windows 10 ... does anyone encountering similar problems ? is there any solution for this ?
Thank you

zegfrid wrote:
I still have my warranty is it still possible for me to tell the costumer service and ask for this item? Graphics stuttering is like the rendering was spiky right? That when you move around your view you see those spiky things on the sorrounding graphics.

in my case it was a drop in nearly all games... it drops from 60 to 47 in every game, i contacted the support in my country and the replaced my whole board ( under warranty and it costs them 785$ ) abd i still have the same issue ... 1 year and half of tests and researches the only solution for me was the ssd...

guys, i had this EXACT issue, and this fixed it perfectly!