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Got your new G751JY G751JT G751JM ? Post your review, temps, benchmark results!

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It looks like the G751's have started shipping, please post your reviews, temps, benchmark results!

And, please post what country your are in, so we know where they are shipping! 🙂
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TheWitcher wrote:
I tried to order the db73x but everytime i ordered it amazon told me they were backordered even though they were in stock on the page so i took a db72 instead. Should i have waited for the 752?

Your not missing anything significant with the g752. Im only interested in the nvme and ddr4 support myself but most people wont feel a difference between the ahci and nvme of the sm951 or a fps difference in ddr3 and ddr4. The 4720 you have is actually better for temperature than the 4870. You probably have 10 or more degrees of headroom then i do.
3d printed parts and accessories for the G751. You know you want something better than OEM ->[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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No, I have read that the new G752 should have OCed GPU by default, so thought the new revision of G751JY had it as well, but seems the clocks are the same.

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Hinge screw broke down within a week
gets super dirty easily
fan starts making noise in a month
Speaker are like super cheap

Didn't want to start a new thread just for this, hope somebody can suggest a solution here. Got mine recently, very happy with it so far, but one minor gripe - those plastic thingies on which the notebook resides are uneven, so everytime you place your hands on the keyboard, the left side of the notebook touches the desk, and it's annoying as hell.

A buddy of mine has a JL model, which has rubber thingies and it's completely stable, mine's a JT model and has plastic thingies and the left one is a bit off and unbalanced. What to do? (English is not my first language, so I don't know the actual word for the "thingies" - holders maybe?)

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First off do not double post things one thread was fine.

Secondly there is a search bar you could have used to answer your questions . 96 is normal for a 4860 and 4870 it doesnt mean your thermal paste is dried up or your full of dust. You probably didnt push it as hard before, you have to realize a game is not a benchmark with repeatable temps. If you wanted to be accurate you would have tested it in the exact same ambient temp under the exact same conditions. People have had new 4860s and 4870s run that hot at first purchase in multiple machines not just the asus g751. If you want to repaste you might gain a few degrees and a notebook cooler might net you a few more. You can also run it on a cooler with the bottom cover off. Honestly anything under 100 is nothing to worry about. I have worked on maybe 15 4860s that all ran that hot for much longer then your probably gaming. Dust it out with air and open if you feel comfortable doing so for a better cleaning but i wouldn't jump the gun and buy a new laptop.
Heres a simple disassembly
3d printed parts and accessories for the G751. You know you want something better than OEM ->[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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3D mark 11 is a bit outdated, released 6 years ago. Most are using firestrike these days.

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Got my G751JY 3 days ago, 9616 in Fire Strike after overclocking in GPU Tweak... But GPU Tweak is constantly crashing now! Do you guys use MSI Afterburner instead? GPU Tweak ran smooth on my G750JX 770M, with insane performance boost and no extra heat.

I got my G751JY (128GB m.2 boot/1TBHDD) with 980M video card a little over a month ago and I'm loving it. I am grateful to everyone here who mentioned this as a more than solid choice over the G752 with 980M. The latter is what I really wanted, but the cost to performance ratio made it clear that the G751 was best for my budget.

I'm truly pleased with the game performance. Games that were already pushing my poor 6-year-old 15-inch MSI GX640 (with 1GB ATI 5850 video card and mid-range 15 processor) to its knees are humming right along with this system. More than the game performance I am floored at how quiet and absolutely cool this system runs even after playing intensive games.

My only major issue so far was getting GeForce drivers to install both through GeForce Experience and direct install. It kept failing to install and update this evening and I went mad trying to sort it out. Turns out it was a Comodo Firewall issue. I eventually had to just uninstall Comodo altogether and the drivers updated perfectly 🙂

All in all, this was totally worth the wait to purchase. I even got my coworker to purchase one last week (same model) and he seems to be enjoying it, too!