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Got your new G751JY G751JT G751JM ? Post your review, temps, benchmark results!

Level 12
It looks like the G751's have started shipping, please post your reviews, temps, benchmark results!

And, please post what country your are in, so we know where they are shipping! 🙂
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Edweird did a thread about it which hmscott on the second page gives some useful insights. Your safe using intel XTU at max i have tested it on multiple versions of the g751 with no issues.
3d printed parts and accessories for the G751. You know you want something better than OEM ->[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

Just received my new Asus ROG G751jy in the mail. Whenever audio is played either if its a chime, youtube, a PC game the speaker underneath where your left wrist rest when typing, makes a pop sound every 2 seconds until the the application running the audio is closed. example will be when I close out of youtube. the audio itself works fine and I just need to find a solution to disable that bottom speaker. I've updated to the windows 10. still no change. installed the new realtek high definition audio file provided by ASUS and still nothing has changed. the only way I can stop it is when I right click over the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of my screen < select playback devices < right click speakers < select disable. the popping sound stops but so does all the audio so that's not a fix. So I know its within the speakers. if anyone could help I would be grateful.

also other things I've tried was adjusts the levels in the speaker properties all to 0 and the audio stops but the popping still continues.

only had it for 2 weeks and now the touchpad is coming off from the corners.:mad:

hi guys,

so i've got 4860HQ, 8GB RAM, 980M 4GB,

rog g751jy laptop.

when i play games normally my temperatures run around 70~75ish under load with cpu and gpu less i think.
Now the problem is next:

when i bought laptop (almost a year ago) - it's temperatures weren't going over 70 at all. It used bios 202 and all i had was windows 8.1 and drivers all installed from asus webpage.

Today's situation is somewhat worse - a lot worse. I've upgraded to windows 10 (clean install) - installed all the drivers for windows 10 that were available, and then i tried skyrim + enb. I've watched with aidaExtreme temperatures and fan speed - fan speed got stuck around cca 3200 and when running with fully enb'd skyrim temperature went to OVER 90, around 96 it stopped i think!!
96!!! HELLO!? ASUS!? ANYONE?!?!?

After that i've downloaded bios 210 and flashed through bios, hoping for things to get better. Well now things got even worse, fans didn't go over 3100!

I've downloaded then notebook fancontrol program and used G751jy profile to run fans at 100%. They went up to 3300 or 3400 and temperatures ofcourse reduced to somewhere close to 80, which is a lot better.

Now i'm going to do some more Skyrim modding and let it use more scripts and texture mods, to burden it even more, to see what happens with fans / temperatures.

Anyway i hope bios 211 fixes FAN problems. Also, could it be DRIVER PROBLEMS?

And now for the 2nd problem - when i check my memory in aida it seems to run on 782MHZ (1564 MHz) <- WTF? it was around 1600 before bios / windows update, but now it's 20 mhz less. why? what the hell is going on asus?

IS my laptop ready for selling? Should i sell it and get G752? I expected much and i was happy for some time, but this is really annoying...

P.S. i'm trying to keep my room clean and table clean where i keep my pc, i sometimes blow inside the fans (once a month when pc is off) to dust off, maybe i should check termal paste and do something more about the dust? is it possible that too much dust got in in 13 months of usage?

Asus G751JY
3dmark11, Extreme settings = X4177 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M(1x) and Intel Core i7-4860HQ Processor
Graphics Score 3855
Physics Score 8995

32GB memory.

I've dropped in performance, original score X4433

Temps did not pass 67 degrees. odd.


Intel Core i7-4710HQ
64-bit Windows 8.1 (6.3.9600)

3DMark 11 Score: X4429

Graphics Score

Physics Score

Combined Score

Me Too. Love my G751JT!

I just got a new issue with my less then 2 years old laptop.
It is a shame for Asus I reckon.
So the case is, my battery is dead again.
It is the second time, first one was after 9 month (warranty for a battery is only for 1 year)
It is my working laptop, so I was very gentle with it, moreover it is also my second ROG family laptop.
I never had any problems with my first G74SX, thats why I bought this one.
So till now I have already changed a battery one time a screen once, now it is in a service again for about 5 days, at least.
And I having a big problems with my project because of its deadline.
So, dear ASUS it is my last laptop with your beautiful logo. I am very disappointed by wasting my money on a low quality product.

Thats my review and benchmark.

Level 15
3DMark Fire Strike: 8361
3DMark Skydiver: 21456
3DMark Cloud Gate: 21324
3DMark Ice Storm: 131987

3DMark 11: P5080/P5169/P8331/P11462
PCMark 8: 3133/3108/3120/3795
PCMark 7: 5027/4933/5843/6242
PC Mark Vantage: 11636 (HDD model)/20864/20412/21216

AS SSD : Sequential Read / Write (MB/s) 78.3 / 80.46 (1TB HDD), 1033.9 / 698.3 (M.2 SSD), 641.5 / 535.1 (M.2 SSD), 1072.5 / 724.62 (M.2 SSD)

Realbench: Image Editing 65,105 75,145 84,605
RealBench: Encoding 69,513 66.583 65,564
RealBench: OpenCL 34,412 34,412 54,098
RealBench: Heavy Multitasking 58,603 54,735 61,735
RealBench: System Score 50,025 50,836 55,680