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GL703GM One fan running at high speed all the time after reset

Level 7
I have an ROG Strix SCAR edition (GL703GM) notebook which I got about a year and a half ago. I recently reset it because I was constantly low on storage and wanted a fresh start but since the reset one of the fans has been constantly loud but the speed is fluctuating. It's only the right fan that does this and I believe it's the GPU fan as I've been monitoring the CPU fan speed when it's speeding up and slowing down and it was consistent. I updated all my drivers, messed with the power plan options, reset BIOS to default etc. and it's still loud.
I contacted support but they just told me to send it to repair but I really don't want to do that as last time it was a long time before I got it back and now it'll be even longer due to covid. Any tips would be helpful, thanks.

Level 10
Hello filippb,
Then maybe you can provide a video record of this issue for us?
Thank you.