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Gimped or good.

Level 8
I am just curious but everyone always knocks the "gimped" best buy version saying its not a good machine and I have noticed at least on another thread that my score in 3d mark vantage is like a thousand points more than the "real" g74's that others are posting scores for, I know that other factors are in play like the better visual quality of 1920x1080 but other than that it seems like the bbk7 gets a bad wrap even though all the other specs are the same other than being 128bit and I have had o problems with it and it runs really fast and games amazingly and I only paid $1099.00 for it . After reading this forum I feel the best buy model is a good member of the Asus g series family.

G74sx-bbk7, Gtx560m 2gb. Here is my score - P10589.

Level 7
Performance wise it's damn near the same. It's splitting hairs at the end of the day.

As far as being "gimped". Well i have to disagree. I paid($1150) less for the BBY8 model then other models and I knew why I was paying less. It's priced for the 2gb 560m and 1600x900 screen. I paid for those options.

Level 18
If something does every single thing you expected and more AND at a price that thrilled you... thats the deal of the day friend.
Others say alot of things... some of it isnt even blathering.... once in a while it makes sense.. ok.. once.

It is much like the humble AMD .... it might not be top shelf .. but itll ROG ur eyeballs out of your head
on my CrossHair V ... hahhaha.. step up X---treeeeeme...hahahahhaa. Some pay 5 times what I did
for their rigs....... put them on the table side by side and light them up .... dont blink.. you will miss
the difference.... I (you) Win..... The Lambo is nice ... the Chevy gets me there everyday.

tkd" ".... "runs amazing" you say ? and not even one (1) RMA ..... huh !!! imagine that. How can this be ?

GIMPED ??? hahahhahahah.... Dell wishes.
and, excuse my manners, Welcome.c.