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Getting new hardrives for G750 JM

Level 7
I have the ROG G750 JM laptop. I have come to the conclusion that my hard drive crapped out on me, so i would like to get a new one, there are two spots for hard drives, and I need to know which ones I should get. I've never messed with upgrading a computer in my life so any and all help would be appreciated. Also, if you need to know any specs of my machine, I can find them and post them on here.

Level 9
If you don't have an m.2 SSD slot, get a samsung evo 850 250gb, you won't regret it.

Corporal wrote:
If you don't have an m.2 SSD slot, get a samsung evo 850 250gb, you won't regret it.

Does this fit right into the spots for the hard drive, also I want to get two one for the empty slot, and one to replace my hard drive that crapped out. I just want to ensure that I can easily plug it into the empty slots and run my computer. Note I have nothing to save from my old hard drive, and if possible, I would prefer to just purchase two of them and use them both.

Level 9
Yeah, you can do that. But remember that there is only one SATA 3 port, so the second drive will be limited to 250 MB/s, as opposed to full 500 MB/s Sata 3. It's probably better if you purchase a 512 GB evo 850 SSD and a 1 TB HDD for the second slot. Wouldn't want that evo speed go to waste 😄

Status Under Review
Yo, nice conclusion on grabbing new drives.

A good recommendation is the Samsung Evo, EVERYONE loves those drives here, haven't heard a bad story about them.

Grab a 240gb SSD, or a 500gb SSD with a 1TB or 2TB HDD to pair. There's nothing better to balance when it comes to money and performance in one.

I myself am using a 240gb SSD with a 1TB HDD and it's plenty.. as long as you have an external drive for all those games you want to keep but are not playing.

Important bits for you to know

Your drives must be 2.5" form factor, and NOT be thicker than 9.5mm and SATA

You should have a second Drive Caddy in the box your machine came in, as well as seven screws to mount the drive into the case. :3

Level 7
The JM does not come with a second caddy (the slot near the hdd is just ... empty . That is for sure. At least not in europe, as far as I know.

Didn't get one myself, neither a fellow guild mate in Greece. So either it's something region related or JM related.