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Getting low G752vs 3dmark score ?

Level 7
I am very pleased with this g752vs. I've ran 3dmark Fire strike and got a overall low score of 10,004. Gpu got a score of 16,350ish. So I am wondering what happened?? To the cpu? It mentioned about my vsync, but I had gsync enabled. Did I miss something? What scores did you guys get?

Level 7
i got 10400+ on g752vm , but GPU i had slightly OCed , what is your FPS in Overwatch for example or gta 5 ?

I'm still in the process for setting things up. Not much games except witcher 3 and Tom raider for temp test. But I've managed to redo fire strike and got 13,340. It had to do with gsync locking at 60fps. My next step is gpu oc, once I stabilize cpu temp with throttlestop. I'm new to gpu oc, so if you've got any ideas or tips, greatly appreciated! Thanks again! Cheeeeeers*

Update: I managed to get a stable 3.8ghz with -90mv offset in throttlestop. My cpu temp is 80-82c, gpu temp is 73-74c. The Temperatures indicated was 6hours+ of straight Witcher 3 ultra and Tomb Raider very high (3hours+ each). New Fire Strike score of 14k+. Overall, very satisfied. * I still need to do gpu oc