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General Questions about New G751JT

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Hello ROG Forums!

I am fortunate enough to have purchased a G751JT laptop and the machine is awesome. I love my new rig and it's been absolute beast for anything I've thrown at it. (I even named the rig BEASTMODE as a result).

The questions I have are mostly surrounding Windows 8.1 that came preloaded on the laptop and I'm hoping that someone can square me away with solving these questions.

- The matte black lid looks awesome, however it has a tenacity for fingerprints that I haven't seen. How does one keep the cover clean? What do you use to clean it without damaging the finish?

- Windows 8.1 came preloaded on the laptop however I did not receive any recovery media. Is there a way I can make this on my own or is there some place I can order recovery media? Since I'm dealing with a single 1TB hard drive, data protection is a concern and if I need to rebuild the machine from scratch, I need to have recovery media ready. Trusting a recovery partition to be reachable in the event of a hard drive failure concerns me greatly.

- In the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure, how would I go about performing the reinstallation of the Windows 8.1 OS into a single partition (instead of the 500GB system and 500GB data partitions?

- I use FRAPS on my computer to record video, is there a way I can remap the video capture button to use FRAPS instead of the ASUS video capture program?

- Is there a temperature monitoring utility that is recommended for keeping an eye on the hardware?

Thank you for your advice and suggestions!

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Hey there Firestorm, welcome to Hell, where you're one wrecking the havoc upon the unfortunate to cross your path of destruction. ;d

1: The rubber finish is a fingerprint magnet, good luck with keeping it clean, it's a mission. A warm damp sponge and some isopropyl alcohol might help reduce the over-all show of the prints.. otherwise, you may as well get used to the new dirty look. :f ( JX user here. )

2: Check this sh!t out my friend. The link to the BackTrack Software itself, 64bit at your disposal.
Warning, you need a 16gb size Flash Drive at LEAST. And possibly another 4gb for the drivers themselves.

3: Just chuck in the USB stick you've chosen to back up onto, no problem. Remember to unplug your HDD and keep your SSD inside alone if you've got two drives within Beastmode. (OR what ever configuration you had. REINSTALLING FROM BACKTRACKER WILL WIPE YOUR PARTITIONS. BACK THEM UP..

100% clean install? No garbage..?, go here: Download, install, run and keep clicking Yes Yes Yes until you get a page displaying your Product Key. --- It's halfway down the popup page under "Microsoft - Windows 8.1 (x64) in Software Licenses"

Then go here: Click Download (POBIERZ) and paste your Windows Key in there under Windows 8.

Click the button and it'll tell you what type of Windows 8 you're using. ( I've got 'Core' so you might, too. )

Once you've got all this information, keep your Windows Product Key safe in a notepad on a USB so you can use it later. --- You will need to then go online and download a Windows 8 (I prefer 8.1) ISO disc from somewhere. ( REMEMBER, you need to know what version of Windows you're using, there's Core, Pro, etc etc.. )

Honestly Windows 10's coming out soon, too.. so may as well reserve yourself a copy and upgrade. Still do the previous steps to get your key though for safe keeping.

I think when you reinstall you need to remember these key words. UEFI Mode and GUID GPT for your disc you install onto. (PS buy yourself an SSD, it's worth it.)

And finally.. for temperature monitoring.. I recommend OPEN HARDWARE MONITOR! :3

It has a cute little widget you can put on your desktop. ❤️ You can tell it what you want it to watch, it also has a graph!

Hope this helps, good luck! ;3

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Ah P.S. you're supposed to post this in the G751 sub forum. ;d You posted in the G750 forum.

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Ah forgot to mention, just delete your other 500gb partition by going to RIGHT CLICK 'My Computer' > Manage > Disk Management > Delete other partition > Extend Volume. (Having two partitions however is good.. you can move all your garbage around and keep it safe.

I myself use the other 500gb as a backup location. But yeah, I have a 240gb SSD as well.