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Games keep crashing on G751

Level 7
Lately, my games (Skyrim and Witcher 2) have been randomly and quickly crashing to desktop without any errors during gameplay.

The very first game I played on this laptop was Skyrim with mods.

So, my first time playing Skyrim with mods after 50+ hours of gameplay and over 70+ mods resulted in having no issues or CTDs. Everything was perfect. Then, I played Dying Light and AC Unity without any errors or crashes for each of 50+ hours of gameplay.

After awhile, I wanted to play Skyrim again, and I installed even more mods. This time, I installed lots of textures, visuals, and ENB (RealVision) mods to my Skyrim. Again, everything was fine: no errors and CTDs.

But one day, I messed up some textures with NPCs' faces, so I had to reinstall Skyrim and all of my mods again. Now this... this is where I started experiencing crashes and issues with my game.

After hours of finding a solution and dealing with constant random and quick CTDs, I gave up, turned to Witcher 2 and I was able to pool 20+ hours in without crashing. But then the G751 wanted to be a little b**** and crash to desktop after wanting to meditate. It was the exact same sort of CTD I had in Skyrim: completely random and quick without showing any errors.

I went back to the exact same spot where I meditated, and I didn't CTD anymore. So, it's not a bug or an issue with the game. But I ignored it and moved on. Next day, I CTD'ed after trying to load a save. The following day, I CTD'ed from simply walking in a town.

Something is definitely not right. Why is this happening? My GPU, CPU, and all other hardware are not overheating (HW Monitor). I'm using a performance monitor and it hardly passed the 2GB mark for VRAM during gameplay.

The specs of my 4 month old Asus ROG laptop:
Intel Core i7 4710HQ @ 2.5GHz
GeForce GTX 970M 3GB (w/ latest drivers)
16GB Ram

It could be a mod conflict with Skyrim, but I doubt it because I read directions very carefully and there shouldn't be any conflicting mods at all. I also have 3 Witcher mods installed, but these are very minor mods. A person told me that it may be because old games in the past (Skyrim and Witcher 2) were not optimized for laptops. But this is a stupid assumption because other people with similar laptops haven't crashed at all. Well, I haven't crashed too at first, but now I am!

Did my hardware get damaged or something. Did those Skyrim mods screw something up with my VRAM? I have no clue at all. Could anyone please help? Thank you,

Level 7
You may get more help in the support forums of the respective game mods. Using several softwares from different devs can cause big troubles and yes, even eff up your hardware.
ASUS G751JY | i7-4720HQ | GTX 980M | 16GB RAM | M.2 SSD + HDD | WIN 10