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G771JW performance decreased significantly over a 2 year period

Level 7
Hey guys,

Ever since I got my G771JW 2 years ago I've been noticing how performance has been decreasing with time. I remember back when I got it I was able to run Dota 2 at almost everything maxed out, AA and stuff. These days I only have full hd and render quality at 100% and I can't hold it to constant 60, drops to 30 or so fps are way to frequent which makes a competitive game pretty much unplayable.

It could partially be a heat issue. Truthfully I never bothered with vacuum cleaning the laptop since I was monitoring temperatures and it remained constant 87 for CPU and 86 for GPU. Foolish me I suppose, last week I vacuum cleaned it for the first time ever and even though the temperatures remained the same the laptop was noticeably colder and I even had a performance gain in Dota. I'm guessing Asus could have the temperature sensors locked at 86-87.

In my experience laptops do tend to give in with time, 2 years just seems like a very short time for such performance drops. It's dota 2 after all, many PCs from 2009 or so can run it on max without problems.

Could this be a software issue? I tried reinstalling Windows, drivers, Dota 2 several times with little to no success.

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