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G771JM Fresh windows 8.1 PRO install, all games freez and make unspeakable sounds!

Level 9
Hello everyone, my problem started when 7 days to die started freezing and making some cracking altered sounds... I installed gta 5, I play lol dota 2 etc... all games seem to work, but 10-15 minutes into gameplay the games start freezing and bla bla. so a few days ago I made a windows clean Install (8.1 pro) the games still wont work, I selected my dedicated GPU I installed multiple driver versions (clean instalation, 355.98, latest and a lot others) I run my games with power cord plugged in, I seem to do everything corectly and nothings seems to work. If u had this problem or know a fix please for the love of God enlighten me! thank you!

I already have a cooler.I just got my notebook back from the service, they didnt do anything . I have exactly same problems. I explained very detailed what my problems are but that was in vain. What bothers my the most is the fact that i paid 1350 euros for a gaming laptop when i could have gotten a much cheaper one with the exact performance. Poor service from Asus.