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G771JM CPU throttle

Level 7

I own Asus G771JM. I found the problem with CPU throttling.

When I play games everything is okay for few minutes, then the smoothness becomes much lower and FPS goes down from constant number (90) to 60-80 and it keeps jumping. I found that the reason is CPU throttling- when it reaches ~82C, CPU timing goes down from 3500 to even 800.

Furmark = CPU not below 2800
Furmark + Prime95 = CPU down even to 800.

Is it safe (for hardware) to use ThrottleStop application? Will it help? To be honest I would prefer to fix the problem by myself, then send it to service, if my try will not be successfully.

Level 10
I do not think this is a common problem in the G771 series but throttling down to 800 MHz is a common problem for many previous generation Asus laptops. Asus is not the only manufacturer with throttling issues. It is an industry wide problem.

If I saved up and paid top dollar for a laptop, I would be very disappointed if I found out that it was only running at 800 MHz. That is ridiculous. On some models, a simple bios update can fix this issue so make sure you are using the most up to date bios version. On other models, it might be the sign of a bad sensor on the motherboard and the motherboard might need to be replaced. Sometimes it is just poor design and besides running ThrottleStop, there is nothing else that can be done.

What are your options? If it was a brand new laptop I would consider returning it. If you really like the laptop overall and it has good cooling like many of the Asus ROG laptops have then your next option is to run ThrottleStop so you can better manage this throttling problem.

ThrottleStop is designed to run your Asus G771JM CPU within the Intel specification. Intel never, ever intended their performance CPUs to be throttled down to only 800 MHz. Intel designs their CPUs to deliver maximum performance right up to the thermal throttling temperature which Intel sets to 100C. The throttling you are seeing is usually not triggered by the CPU temperature. There is usually another temperature or power sensor on the motherboard or in the power supply that signals the CPU to start throttling. Using ThrottleStop to disable BD PROCHOT blocks these signals from getting to the CPU so your CPU can continue to run at its full Intel rated speed. No matter how you have ThrottleStop setup, it will not force your laptop to run at full speed if the CPU is over heating. Intel has done a great job of protecting their CPUs at the hardware level. If they get too hot internally, they will throttle and slow down to protect against any damage.

Start doing some Google searches. Add up how many different laptop models from different laptop manufacturers can benefit by using ThrottleStop. This program is used world wide because it is the one and only freely available program that can fix these throttling issues.

Now do another Google search and try to find users of ThrottleStop that have damaged their laptops because they used this program. Considering the huge boost in performance that ThrottleStop can deliver; it is extremely difficult to find users of ThrottleStop that are not 100% happy with their decision.

I will be honest. I am the guy that wrote ThrottleStop. If computers were being damaged because of this program, I would know about it. People would contact me to complain but in the many years of development, that has not happened. No individual or large corporation has threatened to sue me. I kind of think that Asus, Dell, Lenovo, etc. are all happy that users have an option to fix these throttling problems and it doesn't cost these companies one cent. It would have cost them far more if hundreds of thousands of laptops were returned because of throttling.

In my opinion, Furmark + Prime95 is an excessive load for any laptop. I only recommend using ThrottleStop while gaming and only when plugged in.

ThrottleStop 8.00

Wow, thank you for rapid answer!

I am using ThrottleStop for now after I came back from work. It is AMAZING, my frames are constant at 90 even in heavy fight. It really makes a job, I really appreciate your work with application and your answer.

Can I ask you a question? Is it possible that I will send you some raports, and if can you say me from the raports what is the problem? I'm monitoring the temperatures all the time, CPU does not raise above 85C (throttle problems started at 83C.

Should I send the laptop to the service center with problem and solution description, or should I still use it with ThrottleStop?


tidididi wrote:
t is AMAZING, my frames are constant at 90 even in heavy fight.

You are welcome. It is always nice to hear from another happy ThrottleStop user. 🙂

I do not own a G771JM so it is difficult for me to say what the problem is. I do not know if this throttling problem affects 0.1% of these laptops or 1% or 50% or all G771JM laptops. If all of these laptops throttle when heavily loaded then it would be pointless to return your laptop to the service center. They would look at it but there would be no way for them to fix it if all of these laptops have the same throttling problem.

Did you use ThrottleStop to disable BD PROCHOT? When BD PROCHOT is enabled, does this cause throttling? If you get throttling when BD PROCHOT is enabled then that is usually a sign of a bad sensor or bad design.

Here is a review.

Under THE BAD, the first thing this review says is, "throttles under heavy load" so this suggests that it might be a common problem for the G771JM series. I do not see a lot of users complaining about this in the ROG forum so I am not sure how common this problem is. Hopefully this thread will encourage other owners to post their results.

When using ThrottleStop, are you now very satisfied with its performance? When running at the full advertised speed, it looks like a great laptop. If I was satisfied then I would just keep it and use it and be happy.

Some buyers want their laptops to run correctly without having to use a program like ThrottleStop. Those people are going to be forced to return their laptop or send it to the service center to see if it can be repaired.

The most recent version of ThrottleStop that I posted allows you to lower the CPU voltage. This can help reduce power consumption and temperatures which can also help avoid throttling.

Level 7
To be honest, I was really glad it works. And it used to work for longer time, but then suddenly the smoothness problem came back.

Can you check my log, please? I share two files, simple .txt and .excel, with wrong (IMO) values notd by red color.

Yes, BD PROCHOT is disabled. I was spaking with ASUS service center today. First- they said me to update the BIOS. But I have the latest BIOS version. Then they said thiw problem is not "standard" for this G771JM serie.

This laptop was on a warranty. The problem was damaged mainboard, it did not choose nvidia as a primary GPU. They changed whole motherboard and cooling system and previous problem got fixed. I had no possibility to see the throttling before, just because every time I joined the server in game I had ultra low FPS.

I think I can not return it and get my money back. Well, but in my opinion the product is just damaged and it does not let me to use it with full dedicated power, I paid 1200 euros...

Can you take a look into my logs, and help me to give some solution, or just to tell me what is wrong? In other way I will send it back to service, but I am 100% sure what they will answer: "Product is ok, it as no inside problems. Application denied." I think I can't retun it and get my money back as well... I really think I am lost...

Files are packed to rar and uploaded to speedyshare, link below.

Level 7
Another one:

This problem will be hard to fix, but like I wrote before, I do not believe that ASUS service will do anything with it in my favor...

Level 10
A service center is never going to admit that a problem like this is a standard feature.

This type of throttling is going to vary depending on the type of game you are playing and the time of year. During the summer, if your house is warmer, this can increase the chance of throttling. The more a game loads the CPU and GPU, the more likely that game will trigger throttling. Even a different GPU driver can start utilizing the GPU more, which creates higher power consumption and more heat and that can trigger throttling. Only the Asus engineers know exactly what triggers this and you will never find this info in a public forum.

When throttling due to BD PROCHOT is a problem, the multiplier drops down to 8.0 and tends to get stuck there for an extended period of time. That is not happening in your log files. You could try running another log file with BD PROCHOT checked to test for this.

Your log files do show some significant throttling though. I am not sure how you had ThrottleStop setup during these logs. Maybe it was only in Monitoring mode.

When you first start gaming, it shows a multiplier up around 34 where it should be. That looks normal. When it drops down for significant periods of time down into the 15 to 20 range, that is throttling. When the CPU starts running slower, it needs less voltage to run reliably. That is why you also see the VID voltage drop at the same time.

Think about it. A 17 multiplier is half of the 34 multiplier so your laptop is literally running at half of its rated speed. You probably would not have bought this laptop if you knew this was going to happen while gaming.

Lots of users have no idea this is even happening. Even if their CPU is only running at half of its rated speed, their laptop is still doing pretty good so they just accept it. For maximum performance, try running ThrottleStop with the Set Multiplier box checked and with that set to the maximum value. Also leave BD PROCHOT unchecked when testing for maximum performance. Post another log file in that situation and you should not be seeing multipliers at 15 to 20 while there is a load on the CPU.

I would disable any Asus power related software and I would use the default Windows - High performance profile in the Power Options with the Minimum and Maximum performance state set to 100%.

Level 7
Do you suggest to reformat WIndows 8 to Windows 7 without any ASUS software?

I will give it one more try tommorow at afternoon. My ThrottleStop during gameplay is set like this:


Can you tell me exactly step by step what should I do to try to eliminate the problem by myself? I mean to set the ThrottleStop correctly.

I am using colling pad 15 inch, I just ordered a new one today, bigger, for 17 inch. Previously (onem onth ago) I was using Lenovo Z500. No problems, except weak GPU (645m). That's why I am a bit frustrated. I really believed it will work with amazing performance, and it should for this money. Anyway Lenovo worked almost the same, if not better with lower GPU.

I really appreciate your time and your help. It means much for me. Thank you for your time and I am sorry for the problem.

Level 10
I would not reformat and I would not switch Windows 8 to Windows 7. Windows is not the problem.

Thanks for the screenshot. That makes the problem obvious.

Intel sets the thermal throttling temperature of these CPUs to 100°C.

In ThrottleStop where it shows PROCHOT 85°C, that means that Asus decided to ignore the Intel 100°C recommended specification and decided to lower that to only 85°C instead. This means your CPU will start to throttle and slow down way sooner than Intel intended it to. The only way to change this is with a modified bios and I can pretty much guarantee you that Asus will never release a bios update with that feature.

On most laptops, you can run the CPU core temperature up close to 100°C with no worries about thermal throttling. With your laptop, you have to be worried about thermal throttling during normal operation. A -15°C offset is the maximum amount of adjustment that Intel provided manufacturers and your laptop is using every last bit of that. This means that when you try to use your laptop and run any sort of demanding task, it will reach this throttling point and run slower and slower. Not good. Throttling happens so rapidly that many users are not aware that they are not getting the performance they paid for. As games or applications become more demanding, you can count on more and more throttling.

Since a modified bios does not exist, your only other option is to lower your CPU temperature. You can try replacing the thermal paste on your CPU with the best paste you can find but this might not help significantly and doing this will probably void your warranty. 85°C is just way too low of a maximum temperature for an Intel CPU.

You can clear the check mark in the ThrottleStop PROCHOT box. As soon as that check mark reappears in ThrottleStop, it confirms that your CPU reached the thermal throttling temperature set by Asus and performance was reduced.

Level 7
So as I said before- if ASUS will not help me, am I lost? I will not leave it like this. I did not get exactly the same product which was presented. It is far away from it, and the screenshots and logs are the proofs.