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G771 video card problems

Level 7

I recently bought Asus G771JM with 12Gb ram, 1T hdd and GTX860 2Gb.
But since first day I have some issues with screen lags.
First lags appear on laptop boot up. Youtube link for video of booting is: . You can clearly see white stripes appearing randomly. Unfortunately, it can't be seen through cam, but whole screen is like sky full of stars (black background with lot white dots placed randomly).
Next issue appears when I launch some gpu demanding software (like Rhinoceros 3d). Random black lines appears and screen start to blink (turns black for about half a second and that turns back on again).
Here's second video of benchmark run with same issue (just few first seconds after launching): This time all benchmark test passed neatly, but usually screen blinks and lines appear all along the test. Also, test result is 29fps. Way to low for GTX860.
I'v downloaded lates drivers from Asus, but this didn't help. I've tried to download drivers from intel and nvidia directly. But latest intel drivers (for hd4600) are not available (link broken or something like this). And driver from nvidia makes things even worse. I.e. after launching rhinoceros 3d screen keeps blinking so it's impossible to use laptop at all.
Small addition - all that blinking don't appear on screen attached via HDMI port.

So am I missing something or is that a fault video card?

Any thoughts on this?