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G771 keyboard backlights

Level 7


I have older laptop G771JW and I have problem with keyboard backlights. I know I did it myself but now I'm searching a solution for this or at least more info about how that is done.

Those lights work in my laptop but since I forked my bios to get m.2 support they sopped working.

Previous setup with normal ssd disks backlights work but not now. Also have tried to reinstall all relevant drivers but no change.

So my question is: 

Is there any way, for example via coding, to enable that backlight? Is it dependent on drivers or purely bios? When I had to push that m2-support to bios I had to change bios version to small so some properties must have gone.. ie I can't get to bios setup any more ;D (except reverting to another bios)

Any other tweakers around?