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G75VX with GLARE Display :(

Level 7
Hi guys!

I recently ordered Asus G75VX-CV012H + 3D (Win8) (Notebook 17,3 Core i7-3630QM 1256GB 8GB). In the description it said that the display would be 'Full HD None-Glare 3D', but when I opened the packaging I found that my G75VX had a glossy (glare) display.

Everywhere on the internet and especially at the ASUS hompage it clearly says that G75VX has a 'Non-Glare' display, and I wasn't able to find a model that had a glossy one.

Is something wrong with my laptop - could it even be a fake? Do all new G75VX have a glare display or is it even an old model? Is it maybe location-dependent (I live in Europe - Austria)? For me a glare display is a clear no-go.

On the packaging it says: 'LCD + ID - Color: 17.3 FHD WV (GL, LED, 3D)/U3' Please help!

Thanks very much in advance!


Level 14
Contact your retailer, Andi, and get the problem corrected.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Level 13
i think something is surely wrong here; the page about g75vx at ASUS homepage doesn't state that. can you please point us to that particular page? or have you got confused with the non-3D versions?

afaik, the 3D version usually come with a glossy screen (at least where i'm from it's like that).

Level 10
You received a laptop with a 120hz monitor (3D). They come glossy and are more expensive than the 60hz non-glossy panels distributed with the non 3D version of VX.

Level 7
Thank you very much for your quick replies!

@dstrakele: Thx, I will do that immediately.

@rewben: Oh I didn't know that the 3d screens are all glossy.
Here the link to the model that I bought:
Unfortunately the page is in german.

I just realized that I also have the old bgn wlan and not the ac. A Thunderbolt connection is also missing 😞

Level 13
please note that different retailers might carry different g75 models (hence, different specifications). @dstrakele is right, send it back to them is the best thing to do (you should also ask them if they have g75 with ac wlan and thunderbolt, too)

Thanks guys!

Glad to know that glossy displays are standard with 3D models of the G75VX!
I will contact the retailer anyway since I believed that I was buying wlan ac and thunderbolt.

A bit soon but: Happy New Year!