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G75VX Stereoscopic 3D

Level 7
My G75VX is working great for over a year but I am having trouble with the stereoscopic 3D part. It was working well before but last year I had to format my PC due to some reasons and after that I hadn't setup the Stereoscopic 3D in it. Anyways, I ran the Stereoscopic 3D setup wizard last week the setup ran well my 3D vision glasses also worked great until the setup was finished.
You see, my laptop's stereoscopic 3D is working only while running the setup (i.e, hardware test, vision test and so and so procedures) but as the setup is finished and a slideshow of the 3D game images start the stereoscopic view isn't working then. I can only see the red and green stereo images but not in 3D and also the green light of the IR emitter isn't lit.
I tried changing the refresh rate, launching test application and all but no results.

Any help will be appreciated, THANKS in advance.